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Nose bleeds (aka epistaxis) are never a pleasant experience; whether your nosebleed occurs because of hitting your nose in an athletic activity, the dryness associated to winter climates, or use of anti-clotting blood thinner medication, stopping your nose bleed quickly and easily is a priority. Properly used, NoseBudd™ applies cold and pressure only to the areas of the nose where you need it, causing the capillaries in the nose to shrink and the bleeding to stop. To be most effective, the NoseBudd is taken from the freezer, held to the nose for 3-4 minutes and activity can be resumed!

  • NoseBudd is a reusable device designed for application to the nose during a nosebleed (epistaxis) episode.
  • The product is designed to locate pressure and cold only where it is necessary in order to stop nasal bleeding (epistaxis).
  • NoseBudd avoids numbing of the face.
  • Non-invasive, kid friendly and will not pull out clots as other products.

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